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Video interview with Brian Stowell

February 1, 2011


This video was originally filmed by the Isle of Man papers for their on-line service. Here Brian discusses Manx placenames. Advertisements

Cooish 2010 Programme

November 8, 2010


Bannaghtyn Please find attached our 2010 Cooish Programme. Gaelg aboo! Cooish


October 9, 2010


Just thought I’d add the classic letter from the Rev Clarke of 1872 which is available on the Manx note book. Only part of the original Manx is here but the sentiments about the decline of the language are ones that friends of the language can sympathise with. (WITH TRANSLATION).  Read at Yn Lhaih Gailckagh […]

Bus Vannin as reddyn elley

August 28, 2010


Just thought I would pen a few thoughts on recent developments on the signage front. The recent change in approach by Bus Vannin means that no-longer will Manx Gaelic have priority on their directional signage on the buses. I’ve seen Doolish, Purt Chiarn and Rhumsaa as secondary signage which is better than nothing. I suppose […]

Naight Ellan Vannin

August 3, 2010


Chief Minister adds to Cavendish plaudits Tooilley moylley son Cavendish veih’n Ard-shirveishagh Ta’n Ard-shirveishagh Tony Brown er voylley Mark Cavendish son e chooilleenaghyn mooarey sy Tour de France mleeaney. Hickyree yn Manninagh e staydys myr y daa-wheeylleyder s’tappee sy teihll, as eh ratçhal gys barriaght imraagh elley er y Champs-Elysees sy cheim s’jerree Jedoonee. Lurg […]

Naight veih Radio Vannin marish Brian Stowell

May 26, 2010


Island seeks UNESCO recognition Ta’n Ellan shirrey enney er Reagheydys Ynsee, Sheanse as Cultoor ny h-Ashoonyn Unnaneysit Ta çheb goll er yannoo dy gheddyn staydys Eiraght y Teihll son jees jeh ny shillaghyn smoo scanshoil ayns Mannin.Dy beagh y çheb speeideilagh, veagh enney er Cronk Tinvaal as Queeyl Laksaa myr ynnydyn lesh bree cultooroil ny […]