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Shenn Saase Manninagh

January 25, 2011


Bwooise da Robert y Charslagh as dagh ooilliey pheiagh ren shoh heese: Advertisements

Voirrey Casement

December 16, 2010


Ennym: Voirrey Casement Obbyr: Boandyr       Eash: 30 Cummal: 21 Raad ny Killagh, Purt ny h-Inshey S’mie lhee: goll magh er yn jough as cloie badminton Lught thie: Cha nel ee posit agh t’ee sooree er Bobby Mylrea voish Ballabeg. Cha nel paitçhyn eck foast agh t’ee torragh. Moir. T’ee foast bio as cummal ayns […]

Cre ren mee ec yn jerrey shiaghtin?

November 2, 2010


Cre ren mee ec yn jerrey shiaghtin? – What did I do at the weekend? The following is work from some of my classes this week. Jeheiney ren mee gynsaghey Gaelg ec yn Thie-tashtee ayns Doolish. Va mee ec yn thie-tashtee eddyr daa-yeig  as jees as lurg shen hie mee dys thie Vrian Stowell. Ren […]

Cowag: Lioar nane

October 12, 2010


We have now published the first book that accompanies our Saase Jeeragh Course. The book consists of a series of conversation pieces that mirror the work done in class. There are also a number of tasks to assist the learner improve their spoken Manx. The book is free and available from me. The first conversation […]

Gaelg from the weekend at Ballabeg

August 9, 2010


I just thought that I would post a couple of sound files to accompany the material we covered at Ballaebg. If you didn’t make the second day then a little of it might be unfamiliar but the handout from Saturday covers the same material. Jeant dy mie Kys t’ou? =  how are you? Ta mee […]

Cre ren mee Jerdein? – What did I do on Thursday?

August 5, 2010


This is the material I have used recently in my classes. If you can just about follow this and understand the answers to the questions then you are doing really well. Have a listen to the sound file too. Cre ren mee Jerdein? Moghrey Jerdein ren mee girree mysh shey as ren mee gee anjeeal […]

Lesson of the week – using ‘nee’

August 1, 2010


‘Nee’ is the future tense of ‘jannoo’ and can be used to create the future with verbs Positive = nee Negative = cha jean Question = jean? Negative question = nagh jean? Nee’m jeeaghyn er y çhellveeish = I shall watch the TV Cha jeanym geaishtagh rish yn Radio = I shall not listen to […]