Learnmanx.com is our main site for all your Gaelic needs. With loads of lessons, games and videos it’s the best place to start learning the language.


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  1. Paul Cain

    December 15, 2010

    I hope someone can assist me with something i would dearly like to do.
    My brother inlaw Rodney Chapman is of Manx decent. Sadly he will not be with us for much longer as he has a brain tumor.( it has been a heroic 3 year fight) He often uses a quote ” I am what i am” which i believe is from his family ties back to the Isle.There is also a symbol of 3 legs with a common axis and the motto “Whichever way you throw me i will stand”
    My quest is to learn these phrases in Manx and honour him at his funeral when his time comes.
    Paul Cain

    • Hi Paul. Thanks for that and sorry to hear such news. I’ll pass your request on to our translator who’ll sort things out for you.
      Best wishes from Mannin. Adrian Cain


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