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Cre nee’m ec yn jerrey shiaghtin

January 20, 2011


The following is a story we have been looking at in some of my classes. It’s an example of how we use the future tense. Cre nee’m ec yn jerrey shiaghtin? – What will I do at the weekend? Jeheiney nee’m gynsaghey Gaelg ec yn Thie-tashtee ayns Doolish. Bee’m ec yn thie-tashtee eddyr daa-yeig  as […]

Voirrey Casement

December 16, 2010


Ennym: Voirrey Casement Obbyr: Boandyr       Eash: 30 Cummal: 21 Raad ny Killagh, Purt ny h-Inshey S’mie lhee: goll magh er yn jough as cloie badminton Lught thie: Cha nel ee posit agh t’ee sooree er Bobby Mylrea voish Ballabeg. Cha nel paitçhyn eck foast agh t’ee torragh. Moir. T’ee foast bio as cummal ayns […]

Cre ren mee ec yn jerrey shiaghtin?

November 2, 2010


Cre ren mee ec yn jerrey shiaghtin? – What did I do at the weekend? The following is work from some of my classes this week. Jeheiney ren mee gynsaghey Gaelg ec yn Thie-tashtee ayns Doolish. Va mee ec yn thie-tashtee eddyr daa-yeig  as jees as lurg shen hie mee dys thie Vrian Stowell. Ren […]

Skeealyn Ned Beg (part 2)

October 27, 2010


Here’s the second part of our story from Ned Beg. As before the references are to both Robert Thomson’s First lessons in Manx and Brian Stowell’s  Y Coorse Mooar. The boat was put into the harbour, and when the herring was away on the country and after the men had drunk some ale, we set […]

Skeealyn Ned Beg

August 17, 2010


The following is what I hope to develop into a sort of Book Club: Stories in Manx with assistance on the grammar. This is the first extract from one of Ned Beg’s stories from the 19th Century. It is aimed at the very good learner and fluent speaker. The sound file is for the whole […]

Gaelg from the weekend at Ballabeg

August 9, 2010


I just thought that I would post a couple of sound files to accompany the material we covered at Ballaebg. If you didn’t make the second day then a little of it might be unfamiliar but the handout from Saturday covers the same material. Jeant dy mie Kys t’ou? =  how are you? Ta mee […]

Cre ren mee Jerdein? – What did I do on Thursday?

August 5, 2010


This is the material I have used recently in my classes. If you can just about follow this and understand the answers to the questions then you are doing really well. Have a listen to the sound file too. Cre ren mee Jerdein? Moghrey Jerdein ren mee girree mysh shey as ren mee gee anjeeal […]