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Posted on January 18, 2011


Defendants change their pleas – Fendeilee caghlaa nyn aghinyn

Trevor Baines

Yn oie roish e chooish-leigh, yn eear ard-ghelleyder Trevor Baines, ghow eh rish dy gheid eh ny shlee na nuy cheead meeilley punt.

Mnr Baines, ta tree feed as un vlein jeig dy eash as veih Raad Strooan ny Keylley ayns Doolish, ayns y toshiaght v’eh er nobbal dy ghow eh nuy cheead, queig as feed meeilley punt.

As dobb e ven Wendy dy dooar ee queig as daeed meeilley punt liorish molteyrys.

Nish ta’n jees oc er phleadeil kyndagh rish ny kerryn.

Erreish daue v’er chaghlaa nyn aghinyn, ta Trevor Baines ayns pryssoon foast kyndagh rish cooishyn elley, as ta’n ven echey seyr fo raane.

Hed y jees oc er deyrey ec y jerrey jeh cooish-leigh ghow toshiaght moghrey jea (Jemayrt) ec thie quaiyllagh Ghoolish.

Y leighder Jenny Holt, v’er naghtey roish shoh ass lieh yn chubbyl, ta cassid jeant urree dy ren ee reddyn noi cairys theayagh, foalsaghey ny keiltyn docamadyn, as goll stiagh ayns coardailys.

Defendants change their pleas

On the eve of his trial, former business tycoon Trevor Baines admitted stealing more than £900,000.

The 71-year old, of Woodbourne Road in Douglas, had initially denied taking £925,000 while his wife Wendy denied obtaining £45,000 by deception.

Both have now pleaded guilty to the charges

After changing their pleas, Trevor Baines remains in custody on other matters while his wife is on bail.

Both will now be sentenced at the conclusion of a trial which began yesterday morning (Tuesday) at Douglas courthouse.

Advocate Jenny Holt, who had earlier acted on behalf of the couple, is charged with doing acts against public justice, falsifying or concealing documents and entering into an agreement.

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