Cowag: Lioar nane

Posted on October 12, 2010


We have now published the first book that accompanies our Saase Jeeragh Course. The book consists of a series of conversation pieces that mirror the work done in class. There are also a number of tasks to assist the learner improve their spoken Manx. The book is free and available from me. The first conversation is available here:

Juan as Bob  (Track 01)

Ta John as Bob loayrt – John and Bob are speaking

Juan:   Kys t’ou?
How are you?

Bob:    Ta mee braew gura mie ayd, as uss hene?
I am fine thanks, and yourself?

Juan:   Braew, braew
Fine, fine

Bob:    C’raad t’ou cummal?
Where do you live?

Juan:   Ta mee cummal ayns Doolish. C’raad t’ou cummal?
I live in Douglas. Where do you live?

Bob:    Ta mee cummal ayns Purt ny h-Inshey
I live in Peel

Juan:   S’mie lhiam Purt ny h-Inshey
I like Peel

Bob:    S’mie lhiam Doolish
I like Douglas

Juan:  Vel oo shappal jiu?
Are you shopping today?

Bob:    Ta, ta mee shappal jiu
Yes,  I am shopping today

Juan:   C’raad t’ou shappal?
Where are you shopping?

Bob:    Ta mee shappal ayns Doolish
I am shopping in Douglas

Juan:   Cha nel mee shappal jiu. Cha mie lhiam shappal
I am not shopping today. I don’t like shappal

Bob:    C’red t’ou jannoo jiu?
What are you doing today?

Juan:   Ta mee gobbraghey moghrey jiu as ta mee son shooyl er y traie fastyr jiu
I am working this morning today and I am intending walking on the beach this afternoon

Bob:    C’raad t’ou gobbraghey?
Where are you working?

Juan:   Ta mee gobbraghey ayns Doolish
I am working in Douglas

Bob:   C’raad t’ou shooyl er y traie?
Where are you walking on the beach?

Juan:   Ta mee shooyl er y traie ayns Rhumsaa
I am walking on the beach in Ramsey

Bob:    Ansherbee, ta mee goll dys Doolish nish
Anyway, I’m going to Douglas now

Juan:   Mie dy liooar. Hee’m oo
Good enough. I’ll see you      

Bob:    Hee’m oo
See you

listen to the recording here:
cowag: first conversation

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