Jaaghey meelowit

Posted on October 4, 2010


It’s good to see some new Manx Gaelic signage outside the Strand Shoping Centre in Doolish. We’ve has some setbacks on the signage front of recent so this is some good news. Thanks to John Shakepeare from the centre who supported us in this venture. John commented that,

jaaghey meelowit

One of our goals is to o try and make the centre more reflective of our local Manx identity. We have tried to do this by incorporating the three legs in our new logo, recognising important Manx dates like Tynwald Day by displaying Manx Flags and of course we are about to featureHop-Tu-Naa. We have also been working closely with Adrian Cain who is the Manx Language Officer at The Manx Heritage Foundation to look at ways of promoting the Manx language throughout the centre. We are used to seeing the Manx Language on road signs and on the buses but seeing Manx in unusual places hopefully makes a lasting impression.  The first signs we have put at the entrances are No Smoking which in Manx is “Jaaghey Meelowit”. So please jaaghey meelowit in The Strand Shopping Centre.

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