Gaelg from the weekend at Ballabeg

Posted on August 9, 2010


I just thought that I would post a couple of sound files to accompany the material we covered at Ballaebg. If you didn’t make the second day then a little of it might be unfamiliar but the handout from Saturday covers the same material. Jeant dy mie

Kys t’ou? =  how are you?

Ta mee braew = ta mee braew

Vel oo skee? =  are you tired?

Ta, ta mee skee = yes, I am tired

Vel oo cummal ayns Mannin? = Do you live in Mannin?

Ta, ta mee cummal ayns Mannin = Yes, I live in Mannin

C’raad ayns Mannin? = Where in Mannin?

Ta mee cummal ayns Doolish = I live in Douglas

C’raad t’ou gobbraghey? = Where do you work?

Ta mee gobbraghey ayns Rhumsaa = I live in Ramsey

C’red t’ou jannoo jiu? = What are you doing today?

Ta mee shappal ayns Shoprite = I am shopping in Shoprite

C’red t’ou kionnaghey? = What are you buying?

Ta mee kionnaghey bainney =  I am buying milk

Cre ren oo jea? = What did you do yesterday?

Ren mee jeeaghyn er y çhellveeish = I watched the TV

Cre ren oo jeeaghyn er? = What did you watch?

Ren mee jeeaghyn er Braar Mooar = I watched Big Brother?

Mie lhiat Braar Mooar? = Do you like Big Brother?

S’mie = yes

Cre nee oo mairagh? = What will you do tomorrow?

Nee’m giu ram feeyn = I’ll drink loads of wine

Hee’m oo = See you

Listen to the sound file here:  eary cushlin 01

C’red t’ou jannoo jiu?

Shooyl er y traie = walking on the beach

Gobbraghey = working

Geaishtagh rish Radio Vannin = listening to Manx Radio

Goll dys Doolish = going to Douglas

Goll dy lhie = going to bed

Goll dy valley = going home

Loayrt rish Brad Pitt = speaking to Brad Pitt

Jeeaghyn er y çhellveeish = watching television

Keayney =  crying

Shappal ayns Shoprite =  shopping in Shoprite

Gee anjeeal = eating breakfast

Lhaih lioar = reading a book

Giu caffee = drinking coffee

Cur shilley er Jeremy = visiting (putting a sight on) Jeremy

Garaghtee = laughing

Jannoo berreen= making a cake

Drappal slieau = climbing a mountain

Gimman = driving

Kionnaghey = buying

Listen to the sound file here: eary cushlin 02

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