Cre ren mee Jerdein? – What did I do on Thursday?

Posted on August 5, 2010


This is the material I have used recently in my classes. If you can just about follow this and understand the answers to the questions then you are doing really well. Have a listen to the sound file too.

Cre ren mee Jerdein?

Moghrey Jerdein ren mee girree mysh shey as ren mee gee anjeeal mysh shiaght. Ren mee gobbraghey er y cho-earrooder eddyr nuy as nane-jeig. Va ram obbyr aym.

Ren mee gee kirbyl eddyr daa-yeig as nane as lurg shen ren mee tooilley obbyr.

Ec jees ren mee gimman dys Barrool as hie mee er turrys marish sleih elley. Va mysh queig as feed er y turrys. Ren shin goaill toshiaght mysh leih oor lurg jees agh cha row yn emshyr feer vie. V’eh feayr as ceau fliaghey as cha row eh grianagh.

Ren shin shooyl seose Barrool agh cha ren mee fakin Manannan; foddee nagh vel eh foast cummal ec Barrool nish. Er-lhiam dy vel eh cummal ayns Sheltered Accommodation ayns Purt Çhiarn. Ec kiare ren shin ooilley shooyl sheese as va’n emshyr ny share: v’eh çhirrym as beggan grianagh as cha row eh ceau fliaghey.

Mysh lieh oor lurg kiare ren mee gimman erash dys Purt le Moirrey as ren mee cur shilley er my vummig. V’ee beggan çhing Jecrean agh t’ee ny share nish.

Hie mee dy valley mysh queig as ren mee coagyrey. Lurg bee ren mee jeeaghyn er yn naight as honnick mee Braar Mooar. S’mie lhiam Braar mooar: t’eh yindyssagh

Lurg Braar Mooar hie mee dy lhie. Va mee skee agglagh as ren mee cadley dy mie.

Feyshtyn – Questions

C’ren traa ren mee girree?
(ren oo girree mysh shey)

Ren mee gobbraghey er y cho-earrooder?                        

Cre ren mee lurg kirbyl?                                                      
(ren oo tooilley obbyr)

Quoid sleih va er y turrys?
(queig as feed)

Row yn emshyr feer vie?
(cha row)

Row eh ceau sniaghtey?                                                              
(cha row)

Ren mee fakin Manannan?                                                         
(cha ren)

C’raad ta Manannan cummal nish?
(t’eh cummal ayns Sheltered Accommodation)

Row yn emshyr ny share?                                                             

Quoi ren mee cur shilley er ayns PLM?                                
(ren oo cur shilley er dty vummig)

Vel ee ny share nish?                                                                       

Vel Braar Mooar yindyssagh?                                                      

Ren mee cadley dy mie?                                                                 
Listen to sound file here:
cre ren mee jerdein?

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