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Posted on August 3, 2010


Chief Minister adds to Cavendish plaudits

Tooilley moylley son Cavendish veih’n Ard-shirveishagh Ta’n Ard-shirveishagh Tony Brown er voylley Mark Cavendish son e chooilleenaghyn mooarey sy Tour de France mleeaney.

Hickyree yn Manninagh e staydys myr y daa-wheeylleyder s’tappee sy teihll, as eh ratçhal gys barriaght imraagh elley er y Champs-Elysees sy cheim s’jerree Jedoonee.

Lurg da Cav v’er cosney yn wheiggoo varriaght echey ayns Tour 2010 as e wheiggoo speeideilys jeig sy Tour ooilley cooidjagh, dooyrt yn Ard- shirveishagh nagh row ny treanidyn echey ny sloo na ard-yindyssagh.

Va possan dy chaarjyn as fir-phohlldal elley dy ghreinnaghey eh, goaill stiagh kuse dy leih dettyl gys Paris. Ta Mnr Brown gra dy vel ny cooilleenaghyn echey er chroo kione-linnaghyn feiy ny cruinney, as er chur Mannin dy ondagh fo spohthoilshey yn ym-ysseraght eddyrashoonagh.T’eh gra dy vel shoh soilshaghey ‘ny h-yrjidyn oddys goll er roshtyn lesh talent, kione-daanys as pohlldal-skimmee’, as t’eh credjal dy bee Cav ‘ny vreeaghys da sheelogheyn dy gheiney-spoyrt as mraane- spoyrt ayns Mannin sy traa ry heet’.

Chief Minister adds to Cavendish plaudits

The Chief Minister Tony Brown has hailed the outstanding achievements of Mark Cavendish in this year’s Tour de France.

The Manxman underlined his status as the fastest cyclist in the world as he sprinted to another memorable victory along the Champs-Elysees in Sunday’s final stage.

After securing his fifth win of the 2010 event and his 15th Tour success overall, the Chief Minister described his performances as nothing short of phenomenal.

A number of friends and fans were willing him on, including some who flew out to Paris, and Mr Brown says his achievements have made headlines all around the world and have placed the Isle of Man firmly in the international media spotlight.He says it shows the ‘heights that can be scaled with talent, determination and team support’ and believes ‘he will be an inspiration for future generation of Island sportsmen and women’.

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