Lesson of the week – using ‘nee’

Posted on August 1, 2010


‘Nee’ is the future tense of ‘jannoo’ and can be used to create the future with verbs

Positive = nee
Negative = cha jean
Question = jean?
Negative question = nagh jean?

Nee’m jeeaghyn er y çhellveeish = I shall watch the TV

Cha jeanym geaishtagh rish yn Radio = I shall not listen to the Radio

Jean oo loayrt rish Illiam? = Will you listen to Illiam?

Nagh jean oo shooyl er y traie? = Won’t you walk on the beach?

When posing a question such as ‘what’ ‘when’ etc. the pattern is as follows:

Cre nee oo mairagh? = What will you do tomorrow?

C’raad nee oo jeeaghyn er y çhellveeish? = Where will you watch the TV?

Listen to the sound file: nee

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