lesson of the week – what are you doing?

Posted on May 20, 2010


I’ ve included here conversational material that I have been using with some of my classes. It’s quite useful for practising the present tense and the use of ‘smie’

C’red t’ou jannoo ec y jerrey shiaghtin? = What do you do at the weekend?

Vel oo shooyl monney? = Do you walk much?

Craad t’ou goll shooyl? = Where do you go walking?

Vel oo goll magh monney son bee? = Do you go out much for food?
C’ren sorçh bee s’mie lhiat? = What sort of food do you like?

Vel oo goll magh monney dys yn thie-lhionney? = Do you go to the pub much?
C’raad t’ou goll as quoi t’ou goll marish? = Where do you go and who do you go with?
C’red t’ou giu tra t’ou goll magh? = What do you drink when you go out?

Vel oo jeeaghyn er y çhellveeish monney? = Do you watch the TV much?
Cre ny claareyn s’mie lhiat? = What are the programmes that you like?

Vel Dr. Who ny share na Casualty? = Is Dr. Who better than Casualty?

Vel oo geaishtagh monney rish kiaull? = Do you listen to music much?
C’ren sorçh kiaull s’mie lhiat geaishtagh rish?= What type music do you like listening to?
(Kiaull Classicagh/Kiaull Manninagh/Kiaull y theay – Classical music /Manx music/Folk music)

Vel oo goll magh monney dys yn thie-fillym?= Do you go out much to the Cinema?
Cre’n sorçh filmyn s’mie lhiat?= What type of films do you like?
Cre’n sorçh filmyn nagh mie lhiat?= What type of films don’t you like?

Vel oo goll magh monney marish caarjyn? = Do you go out much with friends?
My t’ou goll magh c’raad t’ou goll?= If you go out where do you go?

C’raad nagh mie lhiat goll ayns Mannin? = Where don’t you like going in Mannin?

Vel oo shappal monney? = Do you shop much?
C’raad share lhiat shappal? = Where do you prefer shopping?
Vel oo shappal er yn eddyr voggyl? = Do you shop on the Internet?

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