Lesson of the week – using s’mie (to like)

Posted on May 6, 2010


Positive = s’mie
Negative = cha mie
Question = mie?
Negative question = nagh mie?

Use with prepostional pronouns:
lhiam = with me
lhiat = with you
lesh = with him/it
lhee = with her

S’mie lhiam Mannin = I like the Isle of Man
Cha mie lhiam bainney = I don’t like milk
Mie lhiat Purt le Moirrey? = Do you like Port st Mary?
Nagh mie lhiat gynsaghey Gaelg? = Don’t you like learning Manx?

S’mie lesh Mannin = He likes the Isle of Man
Cha mie lhee bainney = She doesn’t like milk
Mie lesh Illiam Purt le Moirrey? = Does Illiam like Port st Mary?

Nagh mie lesh Voirrey  gynsaghey Gaelg? = Doesn’t Voirrey like learning Manx?

Listen to sound file here:   Sound file for smie/I like

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