Cowag Launch Evening

Posted on May 3, 2010


New group for learners of Manx Gaelic

A few weeks ago we had a great evening at St Johns’ / Balley Keeill Eoin when we had the chance to talk about some of the issues involved in learning Manx.

It was good fun but also we made some important commitments which, we hope, will go some way to helping  people to move from learning Manx into speaking the language.

One of the outcomes of that evening is this blog, in which I hope to keep people informed of developments on the adult learners front. We also came up with a name, Cowag (chit chat or babble) for the organisation which will act as a focus for activities.

There will be much more about Cowag and what we hope to achieve with our Learners’ Association, on this blog, over the next few weeks. Keep posted and keep learning!

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